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The following resources are intended to be helpful to you in applying and/or teaching the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model of Health Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. We have assembled here a variety of bibliographic and online visual resources to enrich or simplify your labors in finding materials supportive to your work. There are multiple and diverse examples of how others have taught the model, as well as applied the model to particular health problems. We have reviewed these materials for their relevance and annotated many of them for their contributions. Most of these resources are free of cost and easily accessible either in public health or other health science libraries or online.  By clicking on the following links, you will be taken to that section of the resources. 

Users of this compilation of examples and lessons learned should remind themselves, if and when they encounter here apparent inconsistencies with what they are reading in the 2022 edition of the published book, that these collected resources and examples are drawn mostly from sources created and published before the 2022 edition. The early phases of the model remains the same in the 2022 edition; it is phases 4 and 5 that are spelled out in more detail to include the work of implementation and evaluation in the 2022 edition of the model. 

We, nevertheless, feel safe in standing by these resources, examples, and sources that were drawn from previous editions of our books on the model, except where policies or conditions have changed radically, or where the model itself is helping identify unique characteristics of a people or place. New resources dated 2022 or later will more likely reflect the model and its guidance as reflected in the current edition of the book. We welcome your PRECEDE-PROCEED applications and teaching resources to be added to these resources as they are developed and tested. 

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